We offer a full range of development, consulting and drafting.


We service a project from conception to completion, recommending and coordinating the best designers, architects, sub contractors and project managers for the clients needs.  Our services include overall owner’s representation, strategic planning, program management, project management, construction management, project controls, technical services (such as project assessment, cost estimating, and design review, scheduling), risk management analysis, claims management and resolution, and loan monitoring. While our clients gain great benefits from soliciting all of our services, we can tailor our services based on a client’s individual needs. We used leadership, industry knowledge, process expertise and standardized control systems to deliver solutions to tough challenges with the goal of completing the project on time and on-budget.


We are a local firm that offers a full range of permitting services for contractors, homeowners and building owners working within Long Island. We have years of experience helping our clients obtain building permits in the shortest period of time through our consulting offerings. Many companies and individuals are faced with the monumental task of applying for various permits in Long Island. We can help with this and give you the peace of mind that your permitting process will be one without any setbacks.

Residential Drafting includes the following and more:
New house permits, Legalization/maintain of existing structures, Open Permits, Mother daughter conversions, Accessory apartment, Fence permits,  Inground & Above ground swimming pool permits, Deck Permits, Garage conversion permits, Central Air Permits, Accessory Structures (sheds cabanas etc.), Generator permits, Solar power permits etc.

Commercial Drafting includes the following and more: 

Interior tenants, Conversion of residences to business', Retail establishments, Hotel & Restaurant Retail Sign permits, HVAC, System Fire sprinkler, Cellular Communications Tower permits etc.